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AAS Forums is a new and powerful discussion forums website provided by the AAS to facilitate communications about all things anthropology.

This new forums site ( is both linked to but separate from the main AAS site ( This configuration was chosen so that, as a separate website, non-members can still participate in forums hosted by the AAS. At the same time, because it is also linked to the main website, AAS members no longer have to manage two separate accounts.

General Background

The discussion forums module allows us to create any number of online and email-based forums (aka listservers). This means that all forums participants can request dedicated forums for specific topics, purposes or sub-groups - e.g. for sub-fields of anthropology, or for collaborating with colleagues on a project.

Each forum can be setup according to a range of options, including with limits on who can view and participate (an open or closed forum) and whether it functions as an online discussion forum only or also as a listserver - meaning participants receive and reply to posts via email.

Once set up, forum messages are organized into threads, and include a powerful search function. They also support attachments, embedded photos, links, and full formatting.

To see this all in action, click on this Example Forum

Certain default settings have been determined by the AAS Administrator, however each participant can manage their own forum preferences. These include:

  • which forums you are subscribed to=
  • which email address posts are sent to
  • whether you wish to receive private replies from others
  • a range of delivery and formatting settings

Information for AAS members

AAS membership includes full and immediate access to AAS Forums and your login details are the same across both websites. If you are already logged in at the main site simply click the 'AAS Forums' link and you will be redirected, with your login still active. 

You will only need to access the forums site if you wish to view or participate in the forums online. If you are participating in forums only by email then accessing the forums website will not be necessary for you.

To manage your forum subscriptions and preferences you should login to the main AAS site - - and navigate to your Profile (top right). It is via your Profile on the main AAS site that you can manage everything related to your membership: you can view and update your contact details, reset your password, view your transaction history and any payments due, and also manage your Directory listings and Forums subscriptions and preferences.

Information for non-AAS members

Non-AAS members are welcome to sign up for forums participation at a small annual fee (to cover the admin and site hosting costs).

As a forums participant you have full access to the AAS Forums website, however your login will not work on the main AAS website, nor are you eligible for any other AAS member benefits.

To manage your forum subscriptions and preferences you should login to this forums website and navigate to your Profile (top right).

Being a forums participant is not the same as being a member of the AAS. To join the Society and receive full member benefits see

Moderation Rules

The AAS Forums Policy applies to all forums participants (AAS members and non-members alike)